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Sun Oct 5, 2014, 11:11 AM

Copyright 2010 Journal Skin by Airamneleb


Alright Dudes!

The time has come e3e
I will announce the winners of my Contest today!

I want to thank everyone who participated, in the end I received 7 amazingly beautiful entries and I love all of them by heart ;u; 
I had a really hard time judging them so I hope nobody will be disappointed in the end ;A;

To say this right at the start:
Please contact the named contributors with your wishes for your prizes by yourself, all of them are super-nice and amazing people and won't bite you if you send them a friendly note :3

So, here we go!

I will start with the special places and continue with the ranking then!

Special places where the following ones:

Best Traditional Work
Best Digital Work
Scariest Work
Cutest Work
Best Outfit-Implementation
Best Emotions
Best Background
Most Unique Work

Every place can be awarded only one time, so the people named in one of these categories can't be in the main-ranking!

All winners of one of this categories will get 50 :points: and 1 Fullcolored Bust-up Sketch of one own Character!

Let's get this started!

The person with the Best Traditional Work is


With this beautiful and amazing entry:

Contest Entry - Sasayaki-san/Mena Parramon by Erumar

She did a great job, right? ;A;
She's doing great realism stuff, go and visit her page to see more!

[Short German Text]

Du hasst mich jetzt wahrscheinlich dafür aber Dude, ich liebe dich doch jederzeit für das Bild D:
Wegen dem Preis...reden wir nochmal, weil du ja keine OCs hast xD 

Next in the text!

The person with the Best Digital Artwork is


With this adorable and hyper-pretty artwork:

Contest Entry - Shika Kitahoshi by xMidoriko

My dear Ibu-san needs more people who love her art (even if I'm more than enough right :iconheplz:)
Go and visit her, it's worth it!

[Again some gurman]

Gott, ich fühl mich überall so schlecht =3=

The person with the Cutest Artwork is


Who did this super-cute compilation:

Contest Entry - Junko Michikasaki by BluBlazeFire0

You did such a great job and I can see the effort you put in there,also I'm sure this took you some time to do, so you can be really proud >3< //huggles

And now, the last Special Place!

The person with the Best Outfit Implementation is


With this awesome entry:

Contest Entry: Junko Michikasaki by PeachyBunn

Thank you for entering my contest again, I love how you draw my babes und you did a great job with Junko here! :heart:

So 4 persons already know their prize e3e

Now we will come to the Top 3!

Prizes for the 3rd Place are:

100 Points
1 Fullcolored Chibi-Drawing of one OC

+Watch [everything by me]
1 Fullcolored Halfbody-Drawing of an OC or a Fanart [by rainbowgirl360]
1 Fullcolored Waist-up-Drawing of an OC or a Fanart [by Baby-Darkchain]
1 Fullcolored Sketch of an OC or a Fanart [by xXPaintedDreamXx]

The Winner of all this stuff is


with this hyper-kawaii-desu-ne-entry:

[CE] Sasayaki-san :: Junko by ShadowExiladia

As I said in my comment, you did an amazing job, she looks so cute and I just want to hug her ;u; Don't worry about any missing details, it's just perfect and I love it!

Wow, this journal really is a long one e3e xD

Let's head on to the 2nd Place!

Prizes for this place are:

200 Points
1 Fullcolored Halfbody/Waist-up-Drawing of one OC

+Watch [everything by me]
1 Fullcolored Halfbody-Drawing of an OC or a Fanart [by rainbowgirl360]
1 Fullcolored Waist-up-Drawing of an OC or a Fanart [by Baby-Darkchain]
1 Fullcolored Sketch of an OC or a Fanart [by :devxXpainteddreamXx:]

The Winner of these things is no other person than


With this incredible entry:

-CE- Leandra Laplace by Veil-of-Midnight

I loved it to see Leandra again since I don't draw her that much and she did a really great job,like seriously >3<

[Even moar gurman]

Ich hab mich so derbe über dein Bild gefreut, der ganze Stil und alles ist so hammer geworden, ich hab's dir ja im Comment gesagt >3< Du hast es dir echt verdient e3e :heart:

Okay. There is just one person left so...let's end this journal right here and now!

The Winner of the 1st Place will get

300 Points
1 Fullcolored Fullbody-Drawing of two OCs

+Watch [everything by me]
1 Fullcolored Halfbody-Drawing of an OC or a Fanart [by rainbowgirl360]
1 Fullcolored Waist-up-Drawing of an OC or a Fanart [by Baby-Darkchain]
1 Fullcolored Sketch of an OC or a Fanart [by :devxXpainteddreamXx:]

The winner of the big number 1 is the OMNIPOTENCE HERSELF


With this entry

Contest Entry - Lamias Birthday (Part I) by Caprice-H

I just died when I saw this, it's funny, it's amazingly drawn and it contains JULIETTE!

[The last gurman text in this journal]

Lange, Lange, Lange.
An dich kommt keiner ran, deine Omnipotenz kam, sah und siegte in einer glorreichen Schlacht! Fühle dich geehrt! e3e

So this is it!
I had much more fun with this contest since more people contributed and participated so everything went more interesting >3<
I love all of you guys!

Please please please contact the contributors and me asap, so we can do your prizes! :heart::iconsupertighthugplz:

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Some really hawt potatos e3e


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